What do you recommend for osteoporosis?


Ideally, we’d work with your doctor on a comprehensive plan to treat osteoporosis, including medication if necessary, dietary changes and weight bearing exercise. Below are some general guidelines to discuss with your doctor.

Consume adequate amounts of bone building nutrients: 

  • 3 servings of calcium rich foods daily
  • If needed, consume a calcium supplement to meet your daily needs (1,000 mg up age 70 and 1,200 mg if you’re older than 70), but be sure to limit supplements to 500 mg/day. It should contain other nutrients to aid in absorption and bone health including vitamin D, vitamin K1 and K2 at ~ 90-150 µg split between K1 & K2, along with magnesium (no more than 450 mgs from supplements)
  • Have your vitamin D3 levels tested and be sure your levels are between 30-40 ng/dL. You can take a Vitamin D3 supplement up to 4,000 IU/day and your doctor may prescribe higher dosages if you’re deficient.  

For nutritional insurance, take a daily multivitamin and mineral which fills gaps in your diet. Ours also contains some vitamin D3, since data shows that a majority of the population is not getting enough and there are very few natural food sources.  

We also suggest consuming adequate amounts of protein to preserve muscle tissue throughout aging. Active individuals need more total protein, especially if you’re attempting to build muscle or lose weight. Aim for ~1 g per pound of lean body mass (LBM) of protein daily, spread across meals, and of course eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. 

Work with a qualified fitness professional to safely incorporate weight bearing exercise such as walking and tennis at least 3 days a week. Include resistance training to strengthen muscle and bones. Your doctor will test your bone density periodically.  

Note - the protein recommendation may not be appropriate for everyone that has osteoporosis as many protein sources contain Sulphur, which some clinicians worry might further weaken bones and therefore check with your doctor. 

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