Are any of the menus appropriate for type 2 diabetics or pre-diabetics to help men 35-55 years old? Also, any specific supplements that may be beneficial or any specific supplements that would be best avoided for this category of clients?


Although our program menus can be used for people with pre diabetes and type 2 diabetes, they are NOT designed for that use unless you are working with the client’s physician and/or registered dietitian and specifically getting their approval on any and all nutrition recommendations, including supplements.

The products that could benefit this population is the same for the general population – a multivitamin and mineral formula to correct any nutrient insufficiencies, an Omega 3 fish oil supplement if not consuming 8 ounces of fatty fish weekly, a Calcium/Mg/Vitamin D supplement and a stand alone Vitamin D3 supplement if blood levels are below 30 ng/ml.

If weight loss is indicated, a protein and fiber rich meal replacement has been shown to be effective as compared to restricting calories with food alone. No other weight loss products or supplements are recommended to my knowledge.

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