Is it ok to consume the VeganMV plus 2-3 servings of the Best Plant Protein at about 2750cals - 3000cals daily intake or would this be too much iron? I eat a lot of seeds, nuts, and greens, so I'm most likely getting more than 15mg/day. What is the save limit for non-heme intake? Should I only have 1/2 of the MV?


Great question! I’m guessing you would be ok with the 1 VeganMV daily and 2-servings of BestPlantProtein (BPP) based on the Upper Limit (UL) for iron being 45 mgs/day and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommending vegans consume 80% more iron than the RDA, which would be men: 14 mg/d and women 33 mg/d. Additionally, the body does a good job of adapting to dietary iron (i.e. absorbs less when intake is high and vice-versa through natural intestinal and excretion adjustments to blood levels). BUT – only way to be sure would be having your doctor do a proper iron blood panel at your next physical. Make sure the doctor performs a measurement of plasma ferritin and total iron-binding capacity (TIBC) to determine iron status. Sub-clinical iron deficiencies are not uncommon with athletes but with 2 servings of BPP plus your VeganMV, you get 29mgs (36mgs with 3 servings), still below the UL, not considering diet.

I apologize for not knowing your gender but if female, still menstruating and athletic, what you’re doing (2-3 servings) is probably fine till you get your physical. Otherwise if male or not menstruating, maybe take the VeganMV with no more than 2-servings of BPP/d until your physical or take ½ the multi as you suggested.

Not matter, if you want to be completely comfortable, again, I like your proposal of taking ½ the VeganMV daily until your physical. The only issue with that is the other ingredients also being shorted but depending on diet or for a short time, its fine.

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